Second Draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law, July 27, 2018

A Second Draft of the new Comprehensive Zoning By-law has been prepared for consultation, which is available here:

A third Public Information Centre (PIC #3) will be held, at a date and time to be determined, to present the Second Draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law and give the public an opportunity to provide comments. A notice of PIC #3 will be provided.

Visit this page for future consultation events and learn how you can participate in this project.  For contact information and to provide your comments, please visit the Contact Us section of this webpage.

Our Interactive Zoning By-law mapping webpage will be updated and posted here shortly to allow for a review of the current and draft proposed zoning for your property. In the meantime, please review the Zoning By-law Schedules posted above.

Notice of Public Open House on Bed and Breakfast Establishments and Short Term Rental Accommodations

Monday, May 15, 2017, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Tim Taylor Lounge, 2nd floor of the Stratford Rotary Complex

353 McCarthy Road West, Stratford, ON

A short presentation will be given which will be followed by a Q&A session from the audience.

A broad range of options will be presented which will include the following:

  • Maintaining the current regulations (status quo);
  • Enacting minimal zoning and licensing regulations to deal with health and safety issues only,
  • Enacting comprehensive zoning and licensing regulations to deal with a number of issues including but not limited to: health and safety issues, ownership, location, parking, maximum number of licenses issued, length of occupancy, and form of building; and
  • Permitting Accessory Guest Suites/Bed and Breakfast Establishments and Short Term Rental Accommodations as-of-right.

When considering Options, consideration should be had for the Guiding Principles contained in the City of Stratford Official Plan as they form the basis for policy and community development.  Below is an excerpt of the City’s Guiding Principles.

i) Community Excellence – Strive for excellence in all areas – economic, technological, environmental, cultural and social – while maintaining the community’s heritage and charm.

ii) Complete Community – Minimize conflict between land uses, while encouraging the development of a complete community which meets residents’ needs for daily living throughout an entire lifetime.

iii Economic Development – Maintain a strong and diverse economy based on the most advanced available infrastructure, as well as a strong system of community services including education.

vii) Heritage Conservation – Protect areas, landmarks and features which provide a physical link to the early development of Stratford and which contribute to its distinct character and sense of place.

viii Community Improvement – Upgrade physical, economic and social conditions where such conditions have been identified as being below accepted standards or where necessary to achieve the City’s goals for economic development.

To help achieve the Guiding Principles, we need to know community priorities.  Which are important to you? (Pick the 4 most important to you.)

  • Supporting local business (including the Festival)
  • Signage in residential areas
  • Being able to accommodate visitors
  • Increasing the tax base
  • Noise in residential areas
  • Maintaining rental housing
  • Staying current with technology
  • Stable residential neighbourhoods
  • Having a diversified economy
  • Development which contributes to the character of an area
  • Encouraging increased property maintenance
  • Contributing to the City’s positive reputation
  • Increasing revenue to the City
  • Knowing your neighbours
  • Promoting the City
  • Minimizing waste storage and disposal issues in areas
  • Concerns with absentee landlords
  • Generating income for property owners
  • Being part of the sharing economy

After considering the Guiding Principles and selecting your priorities, which option do you prefer (select 1).

Option 1 – Status quo

Option 2 – Minimal regulations (Minimal regulations could include licensing, a guest register; additional insurance; building, fire and/or health unit inspections; and  emergency systems in place.)

Option 3 – Comprehensive Regulations (Comprehensive regulations could include Minimal Regulations plus locational criteria – proximity to Festival or Downtown, restricted to arterial roads, restricted to arterial and collector roads, restricted to certain zones in the Zoning By-law, restricted to certain types of buildings, a separation distance between uses, a maximum number of licenses, no limits on maximum number of licenses provided there are no impacts on the availability of rental housing, and/or regulations on ownership.

Option 4 – As-No regulations 

FeedbackYour opinion is important to us.  Please send your Priorities and Option to us by providing a comment on the Contact Us page or emailing Jeff Leunissen, Manager of Development Services at jleunissen@stratford.ca.  You are also welcome to provide your comments in person at the May 15th Public Open House at the Tim Taylor Lounge of the Stratford Rotary Complex, 353 McCarthy Road West.

NOTICE: Public Information Centre # 2

Thursday, March 9, 2017,  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Presentation at 7:30 pm)
Stratford Rotary Complex, (Community Hall B) 353 McCarthy Road West

This Public Information Centre provides you an important opportunity to review and comment on the first draft of the City’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law.  A short presentation will be given at 7:30 pm which will be followed by a question and answer session.  Prior to, and following the presentation, attendees are encouraged to review display materials and provide input.  Members of the team will be available for one-on-on discussions for those who are interested.

We encourage all members of the public to attend this important Public Information Centre to review the first draft of the City’s New Comprehensive Zoning By-law and provide input.

For those who would like to receive more information, please contact Jeff Leunissen, Manager of Development Services at (519) 271-0250 ext 221 or jleunissen@stratfordcanada.ca.


Draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law, November 2016

A first Draft of the new Comprehensive Zoning By-law has been prepared for consultation, which is available here:

Visit this page for future consultation events and learn how you can participate in this project.  For contact information and to provide your comments, please visit the Contact Us section of this webpage.

Study Overview

The City of Stratford is preparing a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law which will replace the current Zoning By-law No. 201-2000.  As a member of the community you have the insight needed to ensure this new Zoning By-law reflects the needs of your community.  Read on for how you can be involved.

In April 2015, The City of Stratford retained MMM Group Limited (now WSP Canada Group Limited) to undertake the development of the City’s new Comprehensive Zoning By-law. The Comprehensive Zoning By-law will provide updated zoning and development standards that reflect new policy and regulatory initiatives at the provincial and City level (e.g. the City’s new Official Plan). The Comprehensive Zoning By-law will also incorporate zoning regulations for the annexed lands which are regulated within the Township of Perth East Zoning By-law No. 30-1999 and the Township of Perth South Zoning By-law No. 4-1999.

What is a Zoning By-law?

A zoning by-law is a by-law passed by a municipality to regulate the use of land and the location of buildings and structures on a lot.   A zoning by-law divides the municipality into various zones (i.e., residential, commercial, employment, open space, etc.) and specifies how the land may be used by establishing: the types of permitted uses; where buildings may be located on a property; the scale, intensity and form of the building; parking requirements; and other matters.  The zoning by-law is the primary tool in implementing the policies of the City’s new Official Plan, and must conform to the Official Plan’s strategic planning objectives for the community.

Discussion Paper

 A Discussion Paper has been prepared to outline the potential issues to be addressed through the Zoning By-law Review and outline preliminary options and recommendations to address key issues.  The Discussion Paper is available for download through the following link: Stratford ZBL Discussion Paper

Click on the above tabs for further information on how you can provide input to the study, and information on the study process.