Study Process

Study Process

 The project will be completed in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: The review and analysis of relevant background information and key zoning related issues (Fall 2015);
  • Stage 2: The development of a summary report of information gathered in Phase 1 and the development of the draft Comprehensive Zoning By-law (Fall 2016); and
  • Stage 3: The development of the final Comprehensive Zoning By-law and recommendation for adoption by City Council (Fall 2018 – 2019).

The project process and key project outcomes will be informed by a public and stakeholder consultation program that aims to provide those who are engaged with a range of opportunities to provide the study team with their thoughts on zoning within the City. Over the course of the study the project team will work with the project steering committee (comprised of City staff representatives), will be holding stakeholder workshops as well as public information centres and a final public meeting before Council.

 Stage 1: Data Collection and Background Review

Stage 1, focused on a background review and review of existing by-laws, and includes opportunities for public and stakeholder consultation, specifically to help the project team identify issues with the current by-law and consider them through this process. The outcome of Stage 1 is a Discussion Paper which considers consultation in Stage 1. The Discussion Paper is available for download through the following link: Stratford ZBL Discussion Paper


Stage 2: Summary Report and Draft Zoning By-law

Stage 2 involves preparing the Draft Zoning By-law, which will be presented to the public and stakeholders.  Stage 2 involves a Council presentation to keep Council informed about the types of issues being addressed through the project.


Stage 3: Final By-law and Adoption

Stage 3 involves refinement and enactment of the Zoning By-law through consultation with the public and stakeholders.  At the completion of this Stage the Comprehensive Zoning By-law will be submitted to Council for adoption.